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The following list of retailers are the primary retailers where my book can be purchased.  It is by no means a complete list, and you may find another retailer that you would prefer to purchase from.  Suggested Retail Price for the eBook is $3.99, and Tradeback/ Paperback for $16.99  Pricing may vary from retailer to retailer. Please feel free to use the links that follow or to find another retailer to purchase a copy.  Enjoy!

Spotlight Choice: Tradeback for $16.99USD.

Tradeback on

Tradeback on

eBook Retailers: Suggested Retail Price of $3.99(may vary by retailer)

Smashwords in multiple formats


eBook through

Nook Book at Barnes &


Two Part 5x8 and Pocket Size: $9.50USD

Amazon 5x8: Part One, Part Two.

Lulu Pocket Size: Part One, Part Two.

Tradeback on
Tradeback/Ebook on
E-book on ITunes
E-book on Smashwords
E-book on Barnes and Noble

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