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Dracus Saga

Wardens of Light and Shadow: Book One of the Dracus Saga



Wardens. . . .  Selected for their strong, innate connection to the lifeblood of the world, these unique individuals were granted the gift of immortality and tasked with protecting Kylir and its ancient Guardians against the Darkness. Where once they fought openly, raining unimaginable destruction upon the world, the centuries have seen their war shift to the shadows in the hope of gaining victory through the manipulation of the mundane instead of open, devastating conflict. For what victory is there in reigning over a dead world?

On the continent of Triclose, war is life and life is war. For two-hundred years, the proud people of this land have battled for the long-empty throne without success – the Wardens and their war, lost to the annals of myth and legend. Now, while the two preeminent Houses continue this unending cycle of warfare, lives will be reshaped as events threaten to draw the Wardens from the shadows and reignite a war with the cataclysmic potential to reshape Kylir for all time. . . .

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"This epic adventure is a great read! So glad a friend told me about it or I would have missed out on this saga. For a first time author, Williamson has fresh and original ideas but still gives the feel of familiarity. He is a talented writer that with great detail depicts a mystical world full of fascinating characters and creatures. There is a lot of suffering and cruelty in this world and some situations are harder to read then others. But, there is laughter and hope for a better world that makes you cling to the words as the story unfolds. Williamson brings current issues into his story, even though they are not the main focus, such as slavery of all kinds and how it is an injustice that needs to be rectified. As the reader you will connect with the characters- love some and hate others to the point where you just want to throw the book. But, the ending will only disappoint- in the fact that it is- The End. It leaves you anticipating the second book, which I hope comes out soon!" -- Graceling


"Slow to start, but worth finishing! Enjoyed the book and look forward to more from this author! Give it a try!" -- Doodle23


"Surpisingly good. Has many elements that are different from most fantasy I've read. Felt like the story was the main character. Looking forward to the 2nd book!" -- Swordmaster


"A great read! The series has potential and I felt it was very different than most fantasy I've read. Lots to digest at the start, but worth it. Once I go into it, I was hooked. I would highly recommend this, and I can't wait for book 2!"  -- Tia


"Fun! It is a bit slow at first, which was a bit difficult to get through, but it is important to the story. If I had to rate it simply on that, I would have given it a 4, but once I got past the beginning, the pace picked up and I found myself really drawn in and really enjoyed it. Its very different than alot of fantasy books, and I would highly recommend this. Just be patient with it. I promise you'll be wanting the next book by then end." -- Anonymous


"Love it! A great talent! Can't wait for book two!" -- Anonymous


"Must read for those that enjoy "Fantasy". Never a dull moment as the author takes you along for a ride that you hope doesn't end. " --Burt


"I am not use to these kinds of books. I am normally up for anything though. This book is filled with lots of adventure and peril. I also gave it to my brother to read and he loved it. It is really slow at first but then picks up. I would recommend this book." --Alexis


"This was a surprise find for me. A friend of mine had started reading the eBook version and was kinda pressing me to try it, so I finally gave in and got the physcial copy and decided to start reading over the holiday weekend.  I must say that I didn't want to put it down and didn't, lol!  The setting was strangly familar yet fantasticly alien at the same time.  Like most large fantasy novels, there's alot to digest and the author throws you right into the middle of everything like you should be familar with things already yet he does take the time to explain events, history and cultures while still leaving mysteries out there.  The characters are memorable and diverse.  I actually found a few of the side/color characters to be quite enjoyable.  In fact, I'd argue its an excellent ansemble cast. There's political intruge, excellent action, with an undercurrent/story behind the story that is tantilizingly hinted at and just begging to be told. The author leaves enough questions to be answered and mysteries out there to leave you wanting more. I know I want more!
The only 'cons' to it, for me, was the lack of a map and a glossary/index of characters would have been nice."


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